Where to Stream and Watch The Godfather

Are you still going through the phase of Why witness The Godfather? The Godfather film trilogy is the reason why the mafia based movies get success in Hollywood. By not watching it even in 2020, would be the greatest regret of your life for sure. The iconic film series of The Godfather is no doubt an exceptional and alluring masterpiece of the cinema and art. The millennials of today would deprive off from one of the greatest and brilliant movies of all time if they fail to watch the Godfather trilogy series.

Meanwhile, with the latest gratitude of Netflix to stream the Godfather on the platform is the greatest thing they have ever done. At least for me. The acting of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino being the top-notch badass mafia bosses is so influential that even for a minute, you will start to think, do they really exist in reality.

The Italian-American mafia business faces other competitors operating in the heart of the United States, New York City. While you are on your couch or waiting for the weekend drive to arrive, before that you first have to make a vow to watch the Godfather now or on the weekend. Now the real part comes, where to watch the Godfather movie? Either it will be so easy to watch it online streaming? or are you really not in the Netflix radar?

No problem, we still have plenty of awesome online streaming platforms where the Godfather movie even the entire trilogy is available. Let’s dig out some of those platforms.

List of On-Demand Video Streaming Platforms that offer to watch the Godfather movie

The below listed online video-streaming service providers are available with the subscription plans and packages with minimal cost.

  • Netflix

watch the Godfather movie online on Netflix

Your first and the top priority should be Netflix, as it is the best streaming platform right now in numbers of viewers and the density of TV series and films. You can find the entire trilogy of The Godfather movie on Netflix, while you will also be able to download it. That’s a plus point! So what are you waiting for? Hit your account and watch The Godfather movie on Netflix.

  • Apple TV+

Apple TV+ offers original comedies, dramas, thrillers, documentaries, and kids shows. However, unlike most other streaming services, Apple TV+ does not include a back catalog of any kind. … Expect to see the Apple TV+ library grow quickly, as Apple has committed to adding new originals every month.

  • Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another in-demand platform to stream your favorite series and movies on demand. As the name itself says, Amazon Prime belongs to Amazon and is operated by them too. Amazon Prime is much popular in the subcontinent region than the west. The Indian film arena and television series have the outnumbered reservoir on Amazon Prime. Watch the Godfather movie online only on Amazon Prime.

  • Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch as the name suggests, introduced by Facebook to cater its gigantic audience the service of video-on-demand. The platform was launched in 2017 and since its inception, it has already collected a colossal audience interest. The most nitty-gritty thing about Facebook Watch is that it’s absolutely Free. But with some perks, come cons too, Facebook Watch doesn’t contain many databases as compared to the giant Netflix. Still, you can witness The Godfather on Facebook watch.

  • iFlix

The Asian based Iflix came as a competitor to Netflix and cut the customer diversion towards its platform. But unfortunately, Netflix paved the way across the entire world. But somehow iflix is a considerable choice to watch on-demand movies and TV series. The Godfather triology is available on iFlix.  Its global headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • BritBox

BBC and ITV-backed streaming service BritBox launches on Amazon Prime for US viewers. BritBox, a collaborative subscription streaming platform backed by BBC Worldwide and ITV, is now available to US Amazon Prime members who can sign-up for $6.99 a month and a seven-day free trial.

  • CBS All Access

CBS All Access is an American over-the-top subscription streaming video on demand service owned and operated by CBS Interactive, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS. It offers original content, content newly aired on CBS’s broadcast properties, and content from CBS’s library

  • ESPN+

ESPN+ is one of the accumulating platforms that offers video-on-demand with wide variety of subscription packages. The service is only bound to the United States territory. It’s app is available on Playstore as well as on Apple store. Walt Disney owns ESPN+.

  • Disney+

Disney+ (pronounced “Disney Plus”) is the new streaming service that houses much of the content created by The Walt Disney Company. It includes content from Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Marvel Studios, Pixar, Lucasfilm, National Geographic and more.

  • Acorn TV

watch the godfather on Acorn TV

Acorn TV is an American based streaming platform providing a vast variety of TV series and films superficially from the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, and Mexico. Despite being headquartered in the United States, the platform only streams stuff related to the above-mentioned countries. The Godfather can be watched on Acorn TV using the Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chrome Cast.

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