Small Town Crime Film Ending Explained

There seriously have been a lot of movies that have stunned the world. It is only because of all the greatness of the movies that we have today that makes us want them to surprise us. Furthermore, the movies have not failed to amaze us lately as well. Only if we sit back for a day and observe, we will realize the true greatness of the movies in this age. Well, talking about movies that excite us to our bones lets us look at the categories we have. Those days are gone where only funny and horror movies were there. These times are different. Today, the movies we have are on the next level. We are talking about a small town crime film. Moreover, the small town crime film ending explained to us the true meaning of being flabbergasted. Movies like these are always a treat to watch.

This great movie is so different from others. This is what makes it worth watching all the way.  The acting in this movie is pretty honest if you look. However, if you don’t go and watch it for yourself you won’t be understanding the true greatness of the film. It includes a policeman who is an alcoholic and the film also has a lot of deaths going on with the breathtaking suspense. Well, not too surprising? this is the most special thing about the movie that it stands out from the crowd. A drunk policeman in the search of redemption goes on a journey to untangle the murders with more associates. The story buildups and the setting of each scene make us really want to appreciate everything. It is just because of these films we see the true talent of the movie industry overall.

Small Town Crime Plot Summary

Firstly, we have an ex-policeman know by the name of Mik Kendell. All his career he mostly wasted and now wanted to make things right. He knows that alcohol does him no good. He gets much worse when he is out of the force and struggling to land a job. In a scene, Mike with his senior police officer Burke gets to hold up a car. The man in the car opens fire and Mike is way too drunk to contain the situation. As a result, we see the senior officer and that man dead. Mike is left with these two bodies and to his utter surprise, one more body is waiting for him in the trunk of the man’s car. Not to our surprise, the death in some way is linking to Mike.

The film actually starts when Mike finds himself on a field after his patrolling duty on which he absolutely did drunk. Besides, so drunk that he does not even remember that how he got there. He sees a girl there who was well not in her best condition but still breathing. He rushes her to the hospital that very instant. Scott and Pete want to keep Mike away from the case because of the obvious history he has. They both are his old colleagues. Mike starts to looking for answers to know about the whole story of the girls he found. The small town crime movie plot is so beautifully set that it makes the viewer stick to the screen. Mike goes after what possibly happened to the girl. He interviews her family and the place she works at and starts to connect the dots.

The Girls Were Getting Killed

It was so disturbing to see that what Mike find out was that someone was killing the girls. The things were so tangles. Mike chasing up on the leads and trying to figure what actually going on showed us that he is a good man. Lastly, Mike gets to know why someone was killing the girls. The girls were all underage at the bar. When they please the rich gentleman they were recording it all. Furthermore, they were blackmailing them with it so this is why they were being killed. The small town film ending explained to us that what really happens around with the stuff like this.

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Small Town Crime Film Ending

Small Town Crime Film Ending Explained

The untangling events helped us to know that the real state guys thought that even after paying them the girls can not be trusted so they hired a trained shooter to kill all the girls. While the two of them were arrested by the police and the third one got away in his boat to Mexico where the USA police have no jurisdiction. In all the incidents we get to see that Mike’s life was turning around finally. Also, the last real state agent got what was coming to him all along. The small town crime film ending explained to us that Mike was becoming the good guy after all. His exam for the private investigation was a success as well.

In the end when everyone was thinking that Ivy was alive or dead was the best. Well, Randy was keeping Ivy safe as the henchmen were out to kill her. When they leave in car we saw the hechment following them and killing Randy. Mike gets injured as well but he also retaliated to the henchmen. Sitaution changes when Mike gets to choose between Ivy and Teddy. He goes forward and puts the henchmen to rest for good and we get to know from there that Ivy after all survived in the end. Movies like these really gets the best of us where the character development is just outclass, as we saw Mike getting transformed a lot through out the movie. The small town film ending explained to us the true masterclass of the films that are still there.


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