1BR Nicole Brydon Bloom Bio, Age, Career

Have you watched the rampant suspense-filled and crunchy 1BR movie yet? If not, give up all the stuff right away and switch to Netflix now. 1BR is a brilliant movie based on thriller and suspense with a very peculiar storyline not forgetting the brilliant acting done by Nicole Brydon Bloom. Nicole Brydon Bloom in 1BR played the exceptional role of a girl who finds his new home in a mysterious community place where at first all seemed fine, but a tiny mistake of Nicole of bringing her cat into the complex makes things worse. We are not here to explain to you what happened in the 1BR movie. We will be taking a look over pretty Nicolle Brydon Bloom bio. Her age, career, net worth, and who is she dating or in relationship with.

Pretty Brydon in Nicole Brydon Bloom Bio

Nicole Brydon Bloom Bio At a Glance

Nicole Brydon Bloom born and lives in New York City as her personal website quotes. She is a brilliant actress who can deliver a perfect job in TV series, Web series, movies, or even in a theater. Nicole studied at Elon University based in North Carolina. She graduated with Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. With here brilliant talent, she dived into the ocean of films and theaters at a very early age.

Nicole Brydon Age

Nicole Brydon Bloom’s age is not confirmed yet. But as per looks, she might be close to 30 years.

Nicole Brydon Career

Here is the list of TV shows, films/movies, and theaters in which Nicole played her part.

  • Better Off Single Movie
  • 1BR Movie
  • Beauty and The Beast
  • The Stephen Foster Story
  • Les Miserables

Nicole Brydon Net Worth

Nicole Brydon Bloom’s net worth is not confirmed yet. She is young and looking for a decent movie to kickstart her career.

Who Is Nicole Brydon Bloom Dating?

This is unconfirmed but her Instagram profile shows that she is dating and in an open relationship.

Her Role In 1BR Movie

Nicole played a brilliant lead role in 1BR. 1BR is her first movie in which she delivered a great impact on the audience that she has the potential to work on big screens.

Nicole Instagram profile is @n.brydonbloom

That’s all we have in Nicole Brydon Bloom Bio. Hope she get succeeds in her future.

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