5 Mysterious Booms Heard Across America

Strange and unexplained booms have started hearing from 2016. In the inception, It was mostly in the United States regions. But as the time passed, The sound of big booms heard around the world including Europe, South America and Middle East. Now the number is increasing as the clock is ticking. These dreadful noises are known as “Bama Boom“. The Creepy Booms are still unknown. Few experts believe that it could be due to supersonic aircraft movements in the sky or the Earth quake might be the factor. Most noteworthy thing is that NASA is still reluctant to explain it. But what we can is just let’s find out the 5 most scary and mystery booms heard across America.

Strange & Mysterious Booms Heard Across America

5. Southern Idaho (Magic Valley) Booms

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On November 14th 2017, A large number of people living nearby twin fall area complained about some loud mysterious booms. The booms are so intense that the windows were shattered and the echo of the sound shook many buildings. The reason is still unknown. The reported interviews told us that the possibility might be earth quake.

4. Michigan Mystery Booms

Recently in mid January of 2018, several areas of Michigan were affected by powerful booms noises. The main cause was colourful Meteour light flashing the sky. Several citizens across the Michigan witness the light and reported it to the Twitter.





3. Southern Maryland Creepy Booms Hearing

Mysterious booms took the Mary landers rattled by storm. Multiple series of Booms heard across the southern region of Maryland. The creepy booms were reported on Twitter. Possibility of super sonic air jet exercises are very less here.

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2. Mystery Booms Heard In Central Florida

Super Sonic Picture - Booms Heard Across AmericaImage Src @AirForceWorld

On May 7, the Central Florida echoed with loud sound booms. Fortunately, the reason behind this was military mission at Kennedy Space Centre. Super sonic activities were the main reason of high intensity booms.

1. Alabama Booms shocked the citizens

Booms Heard Acrosss US

Sound intensity depicted in the graph in Alabama by Birmingham Weather
Image Source: @NASA

On the same day 14th November 2017, loud mysterious sounds were heard across the Alabama. Citizens reported the incident on twitter. The response from the National Weather Service of Birmingham was also blurry. They said the reason might be the super sonic aircraft activities in nearer Air base.

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