5 Spooky Facts About President Abraham Lincoln Assassination

Abraham Lincoln, the name says it all. The United States 16th President, who took the world by storm due to his leadership quality and immense talent. But unfortunately, this cruel world didn’t let him live long. Lincoln was assassinated in 1949. But even after 69 years few strange things related to Lincoln’s assassination are still looking for answers.

Unusual and Strange Facts About President Abraham Lincoln Assassination

We are going to find out some strange Abraham Lincoln assassination facts. In order to do so we have compiled 5 odd and spooky facts that are yet to be clarified.

5. Andrew Johnson Remained ‘Safe’ Mystery

Andrew_Johnson - Abraham Lincoln Assassination Facts

John Wilkes Booth (who assassinated president Lincoln) had acquired a serial killer named George Atzerodt, to execute Vice President Andrew Johnson. But somehow he couldn’t make it. The reason behind not killing the vice president is still not clarified. But a thumping majority believes that George lost courage to kill Vice President. And a numerous number of questions arose out of which the most prominent one was “Did Andrew Johnson ordered the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?” and the mystery continues.

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4. No Plan Of Killing Lincoln Initially

John Booth was not planning to kill Lincoln. But actually he was preparing for a kidnap attempt of Lincoln. In 1895, Booth along with his conspirators plotted a kidnap attempt when Lincoln had to returned home from a event at the Campbell Hospital. But Lincoln changed his plan instead of going to Campbell, he turned towards Military Ceremony. This thing messed up the Booth’s plan and he at last went for the assassination.

3. Booth Promised To Kill Lincoln 3 Days Before

Andrew_Johnson - John Wilkes Booth - Lincoln Assassination Facts

While Abraham Lincoln was giving speech in White house in 1865. Booth alongside with his partners was there and was listening to Lincoln’s speech. Booth wasn’t happy of Lincoln’s “NEGRO EQUALITY” thinking. He made a promised at that spot that Lincoln doesn’t deserve to live.

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And then 3 days later, he assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

2. Why General Grant Wasn’t There

Andrew_Johnson - Abraham Grant With his wife and Kid In New Jersey - Lincoln Assassination Facts

General Ulysses Grant left to see his wife who was sick in New Jersey is another mysterious question raised in the chapter of Lincolns assassination. Even though he was invited for the event but he rejected.

1. Booth And Lincoln Interaction Before President Lincoln Death

Shooting Sight - facts about president abraham lincoln assassination

The most curious Lincoln assassination fact is Booth and Lincoln encounter.

Booth and Lincoln had once face to face interacted. When Lincoln once went to Ford’s theater to see a french play, “The Marble Heart”. In which the villain was John Wilkes Booth. According to Harold Holzer book, John in his entire scene tried to threaten Lincoln with his script. He stared all the time at Lincoln’s box by presenting his dialogues. Murdering Lincoln was in his mind for a long time.


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