All La Casa de Papel Characters From Worst To Best

The fourth season of La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist is out with perplexing scenes and story. The show is not holding back to give chills and nail-biting cinematography. You never know what’s gonna happen next minute.

Till now, The Money Heist has been phenomenal in terms of story, dialogues, and characters wise. The likes of Tokyo, Nairobi, The Professor and the magician Berlin have made the Money Heist more fascinating to watch. We are here to find out how the characters/cast in the Money Heist is rated. From worst to the best.

Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel Characters From Worst To Best

Here is the list of nearly all the prominent Money Heist characters. We will be figuring out Money Heist best characters as well as the worst ones too.

Rio Character In Money Heist

Rio In Money Heist Worst Characters

Code Name: Rio

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Anibal Cortes

Real Name (Played By): Miguel Herrán

Status: Alive

Most of the reviews consider RIO as the worst character in the series. He always got the team into trouble, either it is concerned with love-bird Tokyo or some other teen stuff. His underage-amateur experience made him the worst among the professionals. But who knows, in the coming seasons, he could get to the top.

Oslo Character In Money Heist

Oslo named adopted from the city of Norway, one of the not so best Money heist characters.

Code Name: Oslo

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Dimitri Mostovói

Real Name (Played By): Roberto Garcia

Status: Dead

The silent beast was no doubt a weak character. Fewer dialogues, reaction and intervention in the activities of robbery. It was a good step to diminish his character earlier in series.

Arturo Character In Money Heist

Arturo is the worst La Casa De Papel character.

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Arturo

Real Name (Played By): Enrique Arce

Status: Unfortunately, alive

Arturo being the manager of the place, frustrated the audience throughout the season. His failed attempts to escape and again landing back to the place of robbery is the worst of its own.

Remember Michael Scofield in Prison Break? His tattoos are one of its own hell kind.

Tokyo Character In Money Heist

Tokyo, name taken from the Japanese city. The most money heist irritating character.

Code Name: Tokyo

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Silene Oliveira

Real Name (Played By): Úrsula Corberó

Status: Alive

Tokyo can be regarded as the most frustrated and intolerable character in the La Casa de Papel temporadas. She has always taken the team towards the worst of all. In eroding the trust, scattering the plan and unconditional overconfidence, she prevailed in them. Some critics consider her as one of the worst La Casa de Papel characters. Her love for Rio is like that also. She’s a taker, not a giver. Rio is her major target to overcome the miseries. The audience also questions why is la casa de Papel narrated by Tokyo while the character is so dreadful. But who knows what’s coming in the coming series. We will wait and watch.

Angel Di Maria Character In Money Heist

Angel Di Maria in La Casa De Papel season 1.

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Angel Di Maria

Real Name (Played By): Fernando Soto

Status: Alive

Angel played by Fernando Soto is one of the money heist characters that did nothing. Just floating around Raquel to find his love. He played a senior office role worked under Raquel. From the inception, he sticked with Raquel in order to find the Professor and when he got to know, he crashes his car by being drunk. A little common sense would have seen the professor captured.

Alicia Sierra Character In Money Heist

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Alicia Sierra

Real Name (Played By): Najwa Nimri

Status: Alive

Alicia Sierra when arrived at the last season, from that day and till now she is the evilest one among all. She is the only mindset who broke into the mind of the Professor. Being pregnant, she not only might have killed Nairobi but also faked the death of Raquel which actually deceived the professor. Alicia Sierra played by Najwa Nimri is one of the curious characters waiting to be revealed in the upcoming series. Because some suggest that she is the Tatatina (The till-not-cleared character)

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Raquel Character In Money Heist

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Raquel Murillo

Real Name (Played By): Itziar Ituño

Status: Alive

Some say Raquel is the foolish character and some say wait for the upcoming season. We might not know what could happen, because the series takes U-turn very often. Her character till now is not very suitable and very loosely coupled. Because it is very rare that a female officer could get easily manipulated by a robber, and then she marries the same robber after tracing his plots all seasons. Despite being a top-notch inspector, how can she fall in love with the robber? This makes her character very feeble for sure. Many people considering her being traitor after she got caught by Alicia at the very last moment of the last episode of the Money Heist temporada 3. We will see in the coming season.

Helsinki Character In La Casa De Papel

Code Name: Helsinki

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Yashin Dasayev

Real Name (Played By): Darko Peric

Status: Alive

Helsinki the commando and the veteran Serbian tough soldier. Helsinki is the guardian of the group with his epic muscle and giant figure. What most awesome about Helsinki is that he doesn’t lose his temper so often as he follows where the majority and wisdom is. He came out to be gay later in the series. Also, he has some extra emotion with Nairobi.

Denver Character In Money Heist

Code Name: Denver

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Ricardo Ramos

Real Name (Played By): Jaime Lorente

Status: Alive

Denver is one of the daring characters in La Casa de Papel series. With his brilliant acting and laugh :p he won the hearts of the public. Denver is the son of Moscow, who used to be in jail more often than at the home. Denver’s brilliance lies when he refused to support Tokyo up against the Professor. But with perks, comes drawbacks. Denver fell in love with Monica. That means he went against one of the core rules of Professor’s plot and that is “No Relationship in the robbery”. The love birds went to such extent that even Monica had to be included in the La Casa de Papel’s squad.


Moscow Character In Money Heist

Code Name: Moscow

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Agustin Ramos

Real Name (Played By): Paco Tous

Status: Sadly he is no more.

Moscow is one of the innocent characters of the La Casa de Papel family. He made sure that his son Denver remain away from Tokyo. Because Moscow was in a situation of Hallucination about what his wife did to him, the same thing Tokyo would have done to Denver. Moscow played very brilliantly in the crisis of the team, He didn’t want his son to be like him. But unfortunately, he died in the series very early.

Nairobi Character In Money Heist

The Kenyan Nairobi is one of the best La Casa de Papel Characters

Code Name: Nairobi

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Ágata Jiménez

Real Name (Played By): Alba Flores

Status: She is no more part of the gang as she was tragically killed. (Dead)

Nairobi was one of the power puff girls in the La Casa de Papel series. His attitude to lead the team in crisis is exceptional, she was also the deciding factor in the team. Despite being the former single mother, she wanted to bring his child which was being fostered by some other. Having sort of anti-patriarchy mindset, she on several occasions opposed the decisions of Professor. Even pulled the trigger on Berlin (who was the ground in charge of the plan). Nairobi is unfortunately no more in the La Casa de Papel series. She got killed by Gandia in Money Heist Temporadas 4. She was one of the best La Casa de Papel characters.

Professor Character In Money Heist

The genius behind the plot, The Professor in La Casa de Papel best Characters

Code Name: Professor

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Sergio Marquina

Real Name (Played By): Alvaro Morte

Status: Alive

The Professor the most known character in the series of La Casa de Papel characters. Played by Alvaro Morte, the character is an exceptional way to lead the series. With his plan in the first season, the group made it possible to achieve their task. The professor is the character who with his genius way of making diversions in the critical situation, making no holes in the plan and facing the storming with patience lies in the second position after Berlin. However, there are few clutches that made the Professor into a great fall. The Professor was also prepared to make some dark choices for the sake of the plan, like with Raquel’s mother, because they considered it to be a greater cause. The Professor has fragile leadership qualities because being the executioner you should be able to execute the plan properly. It was Berlin in ground realities who broke the hurdles frequently.

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Berlin In Money Heist

Berlin in la casa de papel characters

Code Name: Berlin

Name in La Casa de Papel Temporadas: Andres de Fonollosa

Real Name (Played By): Pedro Alonso

Status: Unfortunately, he is dead. But his plans are alive

Andrés de Fonollosa also called by his codename that is Berlin the La Casa de Papel. The character is originally played by Pedro Alonso. Berlin ranks on the top as he is regarded as the best La Casa de Papel character in the entire series. His plot of robbery is mind-blowing and by far the best executioner in the entire series till now. It is later on revealed that Andres de Fonollosa is the elder brother of the Professor. He is a very well crafted character, he’s got the ability to overcome his emotion, stay dominant and calm in the trouble situation. These key attributes made the audience love him. His leadership attitude despite the hurdles in the plan made him superior to others. Some even called him psychopath, due to his nature. But every step he took had some reason behind it.


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