15 Best African American Slavery Movies

Movies are the cascade element in showing beyond the wall happenings. In the world of doubling games, we are often deprived of the real agenda or are deceived of. One of the things that made this world suffer is Slavery; either it is based on color, caste, or gender. The term became more eminent when the Americans started to slave the black people during the American Civil war. Hollywood has been engaged in producing African American slavery movies for a quiet long time. Here are a few movies based on American slavery that has made the audience stunned and emotional.


Below is the list of movies related to African or Black slavery that used to happen mostly in the west. And in reaction of that, Hollywood came up with ton of movies specifically based on this very important historic events happened nearly 90 to 100 years ago.


Django Unchained African American Slavery Movies

Django Unchained is one of the best African American slavery movies. Based on a black slave named Django, who with the help of a bounty hunter gets a ticket to redemption. In order to cultivate the task of the bounty hunter, Django also needed to liberate his wife from the white plantation owner. He alongside bounty hunter deduces a plot in order to put down the empire of a ferocious white plantation owner who’s got several blacks under his slavery compartment. Django Unchained characters include prominent figures, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Waltz, and Samuel Jackson. The Django Unchained director is Quentin Tarantino, and the film falls in the blockbuster’s basket of Tarantino. Movies like Django Unchained often face criticism of blaxploitation, but the depiction of the film balanced both the factors or white and black oppression.

Now the most significant point comes? Where to watch Django Unchained. Django Unchained streaming is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV. Talking about how long is Django Unchained so it will take your nearly 3 hours.


12 Years A Slave

12 Years A Slave is another remarkable masterpiece with story-line based on real events happened back in the late 18th century. The 12 years a slave plot shows one of the intense brutality of slavery with no place for the faint-hearted audience as it embarks the truth of dreadful slavery executed with bludgeons. Steve McQueen’s 12 years a slave script shows how a slave Solomon North gets abducted during the slave trade that used to be a tradition of whites back 200 years before. His kidnapping is routed towards Washington. He then bought by a white timber farmer, William Ford. Who got impressed with the skills of North Soloman in various areas. 12 Years A Slave script made sure that bloodshed to minimal.

The movie 12 Years A Slave characters and cast involve Brad Pitt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Paul Giamatti. Is 12 years a slave on Netflix? Yes, it is available on Netflix.

The Birth of A Nation

The Birth of a Nation, one of the best African American based slavery film

The Birth of A Nation is a historical drama film based on a pastor and preacher named Nat Turner who was born in a black family of slaves. In his adolescence, he starts to preach. With his, expression, calm words, utter enthusiasm he becomes renowned among other slaves. His master Armie Hammer assigns him to sermonize other slaves with words of calmness. This shows how brutal were back those times when a slave was used to keep other slaves in-line with the religion card. In the start, Nat does as he was commanded, but as soon as after his wife got attacked, his inner soul of revenge triggers, and then he starts to incite other slaves for mass killing. He makes sure that he and his fellows (the other black slaves) get what they are destined t from whites.

The Birth of A Nation depicts an excellent story-line and direction, the cast played brilliantly. The eminent Birth of A Nation characters and cast includes Armie Hammer, Nat Parker, and Gabrilleie union. Considering how long is Birth of a Nation? then you must sit to watch for more than 3 hours of intense clashing and nail-biting climax. Is Birth of a Nation 2016 on Netflix? Yes, it is, you can watch it on Netflix even on Amazon Prime too. The Birth of A Nation 2016 is based on a true story.

World War II Films Based On True Stories

Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1987

Uncle Tom Cabins released in 1987

Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1987 movie is the depiction of Harriet Beecher Stove’s novel with the same name. Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1987 reflects about a group of slaves who gets split when one of the slaves named Eliza’s son gets separated. This makes Eliza flee from the group where her very beloved friend Tom remains. The Uncle Tom’s Cabin movie revolves around how the two stories of Eliza and Tom gets going with the utter oppression on them. Regardless of the subjugation on both of them, they remained firm against the odds. The Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1987 cast and characters include Avery Brooks, Phylicia Rashad, and Samuel Jackson.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin director is Stan Nathan. You can watch Uncle Tom’s Cabin Full Movie online on YouTube. 



Amistad is a Hollywood historical film with the depiction of real events happened back in 18th-century inception. The movie is a masterpiece that has a prevailing end. Amistad’s movie is based on how a slave ship named La Amistad gets seized during the slave trade activities. The voyage journey of La Amistad starts from Cuba and the destination point was the United States in 1839. The main character in Amistad is Joseph Cinique who leads his crew of slaves while got abducted during the voyage. Joseph took remarkable and applaudable actions on the captured ship. Amistad is one of the best movies about African American slavery due to having the nail-biting climax, acting, and pure dope cinematography. In the last quarter of the movie, climax dons gripping scenes: the analogy with Jesus’ life, Baldwin’s argument of a veteran both as a barrister and a human highlight the direction. No intentional obscenity, thus not a ban on educated teens to watch as part of learning many facets of history. Kudos to the entire team including the most junior contributor


Sankofa Movie

Sankofa is another slavery based movie subjected to Blacks transportation. In the film, an African American model named Mona from the United States visits Ghana for the photo sessions and a small tour. Mona encounters a local black mysterious man named Sankofa who claimed to have the communication handshake with the spirits that could lead to the future. With the claims, Mona visits the Sankofa, and all of a sudden she gets into the future as a slave and being transported to the United States. She realized then how the Black slaves coup up with the brutality of Whites.



Lincoln is one of the best African American slavery movies that covers the struggle of Abraham Lincoln who after becoming the president of the United States launched the country-wide Black slavery ban. Lincoln’s efforts made it possible to abandon African slavery in the United States during the Civil War harsh tenure.

Gone with Wind

Gone with Wind

Gone with Wind embarks the slavery of the civil war that included other aspects of oppression against the Blacks. Gone with Wind is an epic drama film that revolves around the life of a belle Scarlett O Hara. The film depicts how she had to coup with the brutality by the Whites against the Black in the time of the American Civil War. How She survives amongst them. H

The film became more The reason why it’s so popular is that it was one of the first technicolored films ever created by Hollywood. The movie also depicted a lot of issues back in the civil war such as slavery, adultery, and theft. GWTW was originally a novel by Margaret Mitchell and was published in 1936.


Glory movie

Glory is another fantastic War drama movie film consisting of the cast with no introduction required. Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Matthew Broderick. Glory shows how a white Colonel leads the team of the battalion that mostly includes Black soldiers. During the Civil war Colonel played by Matthew Broderick takes the charge of 54th African American Battalion that turned into a battlefield within the unit. The theme of the movie Glory shows that racism not only occurs with blacks it can dilute into any form.


13th documentary

13th is a documentary based film by Ava DuVernay. The film solely covers the biased way of dealing with prisoners in the United States. The prejudice towards Blacks especially African American blacks. Racial inequality and biasness that give Whites the upper hand over Black prisoners. The documentary covers the criminal justice system in the United States that has been in light for decades for giving playing sympathy cards towards Whites. 13th documentary title is adopted from the 13th amendment in the United States constitution.

A Woman Called Moses


The made-for-TV A Woman Called Moses stars Cicely Tyson as real-life escaped slave Harriet Tubman. A risk of recapture, Tubman helped organize the underground railroad, which enabled hundreds of enslaved African Americans to make their way to the freedom of the Northern states. Adding to the tension are Harriet’s frequent epileptic fainting spells. Orson Welles narrates this adaptation of Marcy Heidish’s novel. Originally telecast in two parts, A Woman Called Moses first aired December 11 and 12, 1978.

Skin Game

Skin Game

Skin Game is another intruding African American slavery masterpiece.  Released back in 1971, the film revolves around the story of a white man played by James Garner and his black friend played by Louis Gossett J. During the times of the Civil War, both decided to buy a free black slave and share the profits after black man escapes from captivity. But the film turned the twist when Garner regularly “sells” the black Gossett into slavery for an exalted price, then “liberates” Gossett so that they can move on to the next sucker.

Initially, Skin Games was meant to released in TV series but couldn’t succeed and had to turn into a movie.

Slavery By Other Name

Slavery by Other Name

‘Slavery By Other Name’ is another eye-opening documentary that exposed the bogus claims of the United States that the concept of slavery in the United States has diminished after the arrival of the Emancipation Proclamation. Emancipation Proclamation was the direct Presidential order by Abraham Lincoln to eliminate and put a stop on the slavery of Blacks in America that became effective in the 18th century. The documentary embarks some shocking truths that are not depicted on media.

Captive Heart: The James Mink Story

Captive Heart: The James Mink Story

Captive Heart: The James Mink Story reflects how a wealthy black hotel owner, James Mink, living an extravagant life in Canada with his wife who was Irish back in 1852. They have got a daughter, who has just passed his schooling and aiming to become a teacher. But her father, being black in the world of white dominance, better called him a chauvinist and insecure mindset, advertise the marriage of her daughter with a hefty dowry mentioned in the newspaper. Asking for white, He rejects several heroic fortune hunters and agrees on a white horse trader Johnson. Johnson marries his daughter, and as soon as he crosses the US border, Johnson and his servants rape James’s newly married daughter. The movie shows how a black mindset was, who even with so much fortune was so insecure.

Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property

The film is solely based on the rebellious revolt organized by Nat Turner, who was the slave in Virginia in the 18th century. The movie sparks awareness to the public about what used to happened back in the old days. Nat Turner’s Rebellion is basically a documentary. It depicts how Nat led the group of rebellions in o order to get redemption from the whites. As a result of treachery, more than 56 slaves were caught and punished to death brutally for being the supporters of Rebel.

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