Thrilling World War II Films Based On True Stories

War is known to be the worst case scenario to settle the state matters. There have been two giant wars in our history, that embarked and nearly detonate half of the world, The World War I (WWI) and The World War II (WWII).

Although, WWII has impacted the world more than any other war. From the love-torn stories to the bravery of soldiers and trauma after war, the filmmakers kept on making World War II films based on true stories and events.

World War II Films Based On True Stories And Events

Engulfed with tragedies, emotional grieving and lost love, we have listed out of 15+ movies out of several World War II movies.

Schindler’s List

world war II movies based on true stories

Quick Analysis: The movie is one of its own. The story revolves around the wealthy businessman, Oskar Schindler. Who saved thousands of Jews from the atrocities of the German Nazi by employing them in his factories. He not only saved them from the brutality of the holocaust but also feed and supported them secretively in every manner. The Schindler’s List is depicted colorless (black and white) but the poster of the movie shows a girl with a red coat.

Enemy at the gates

Quick Analysis: Enemy at the gates is based on a true story of a Soviet sniper, Vasilii Zaitsev, Who killed the more than 200 enemy soldiers with a single sniper. The movie depicts the battle of Stalingrad which lasted for more than 5 months.


Quick Analysis: Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece. The movie is based on the real event, known as the Battle of Dunkirk. The movie depicts the evacuation and dispersion of Allied troops mostly British soldiers from the Dunkirk, a French city. The film reflects both the heroism and sacrifices. Major cast includes Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy.

Saving Private Ryan

Quick Analysis: Saving Private Ryan is one of the greatest movies of all time. Featuring Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, and Vin Diesel. It revolves around how a crew of soldiers embraces every piece of risk, tolerance, and bravery to rescue Private Ryan. The movie is recognized for its immense depiction of World War II.

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Das Boot

Quick Analysis: Another great movie is Das Boot based on the German submarine which gets stuck in the Atlantic ocean during World War II.

Inglorious Bastards

Quick Analysis: In the early days of German occupation in France, a badass group of Jews covertly abducting and killing Nazi soldiers brutally. They are then joined by a German actress who is also a Jew and worked as an agent for the Inglorious Bastards. To take the revenge of her family killed in Nazi operation, Bridget von Hammersmark played a key role in bringing down the Third Reich.


Quick Analysis: This is another World War 2 movie based on a true story. The film adapts the story from the Operation Valkyrie in 1944. In which a foiled attempt to assassin Hitler and coup the current political rulers during World War II. The movie revolves around Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg of the German army planted a plot to destabilize the Nazi government. But ended up being exposed and at last, got himself executed.

The Pianist

Quick Analysis: The movie is based on a Polish jew, who loves to play piano faces destruction during the Holocaust. He gets him separated from his family, during the migration to the ghetto. He then somehow survived till the end. The movie shows the cruelty of World War 2.

Hacksaw Ridge

Quick Analysis: Hacksaw Ridge is another World War II movie based on real events. The prominent cast includes Andrew Garfield, who played an exceptional role as Desmond T. Doss, the valiant soldier who never fired a shot in the entire WWII but still saved the lives of more than 75 soldiers in the Battle of Okinawa.

Pearl Harbor

Quick Analysis: Again the master-piece, Pearl Harbour as the name suggests revolves around the attack on Pearl Harbour (near Honululu) by the indigenous Japanese forces against the United States. This attack later became the base reason behind the initiation of World War II.


Quick Analysis: The heroic role of General George S. Patton in World War II who later got stuck into the controversies, the entire career of Patton is depicted in this movie.

Letter from Iwo Jima

Quick Analysis: The movie goes back to Japan’s role in World War II. How the Iwo Jima was defended by Imperial Japanese armed forces against the United States.

Thin Red Line

World War II Movies

Quick Analysis: The film revolves around the conflict of the Guadalcanal canal, where the American soldiers were deployed to execute Operation Watchtower.

The Longest Day

World War II Films

Quick Analysis: The 1962 drama-action movie, shows the view-point of both the Nazis, allied nations, and arch-rivals.


Quick Analysis: The movie depicts the war-torn situation where the Russians are blocking the Nazis, who came just for one purpose, “CAPTURE STALINGRAD”. Russians kept on fighting and when near to defeat, they found out a German girl, who worked like charm for them.

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