Who Is Xea Myers? Bio, Age, Instagram Family

You all have heard of late Heavy D, the famous Jamaican American rapper. The most notable rapping work of Heavy D was ‘Now that we found love’.

We are here to talk about his only daughter Xea Myers biography who is gaining popularity on Instagram and her work about his father is getting applause across the globe. Known for ‘Be inspired: The life of Heavy D and Unsung’.

Xea Myers Bio

Xea Myers is the only child of late famous rapper Heavy D and Antonio Lofaso, who is an exceptional Italian based chef.

When Xea father died in 2011, she left with numerous number of wealth. She likewise her father also opted her career in rapping.

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Xea Instagram

Xea Myers bio also includes her famous Instagram account. She is growing personality on social media and the fan following is in multitudes. Xea Myers Instagram account is @XeaMyers

Myers Age

Xea Myers Age is not confirmed yet. But sources have reported that her age might be in the range of 19 and 20.

More Xea Myers Wiki

Xea Myers net worth is not yet confirmed but as a daughter of a famous rapper and a chef, one could expect a huge number in her basket.

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