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TVF Pitchers Review: BULB Jalega Boss!


When you are fed up of your 9 to 5 job, you either go for MBA or STARTUP. And This web series on You Tube is luckily on STARTUP. Pitchers by The Viral Fever (TVF) has impacted a great number of working class crowd (especially in India). Apart from hectic daily life of corporate sector, Pitchers has influenced the people to become an Entrepreneur.

TVF Pitchers Review

tvf pitchers review

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The series somehow lifting up the ‘lost’ courage and interest to the give uppers that it’s time to stand up and face the hurdles. Also it embarks those who direly need some change in their life from the enterprise monarchist.

The entire series goes around how four individuals with hefty-paying jobs jumps in the deep ocean of nowhere to achieve the island of ‘MAGIC’. All of them have only one goal and that is ‘to start a company‘ and scale it up to a billion-dollar one. Naveen Bansal (Naveen Kasturia) is the one who’s got all the blueprints and command in his hand and is the one who got popped up with the idea of the company.

The series consists of five episode each given a ‘Unique name‘. It shows how the team of four made efforts to convince investors to fund their company and consistently failed to get investment.

With each episode, we may see a progress and a plunge. But ‘NEVER QUIT‘ agenda is not going anywhere in the entire web series.

Starting with Naveen who is the reason why this company started. He is the one who made the most sacrifices only to see this company get succeeded. Being at a elite position of ‘MOKART‘ a fictional company, he rejected every offer offered by the company to make sure he does not left. But he remained dedicated and confident with his idea. We have seen how Naveen went down from daily life routine to his love.

The second member is Jeetu played by talented Jitendar Kumar is depicted as an prodigy programmer who got offers from Facebook but rejected it cause he had in mind to serve his nation. He is depicted as an intelligent coder working at a prominent Software house and making a handsome salary. Being a married member, he risked his married life and despite the pressure from his stereotype father. He remained on track and worked day and night for the startup.

Yogi is our third clan member, getting bald every day, the man himself seems working too hard 😛 Yogi played by the Arunabh Kumar. He is actually the founder of TVF. He is portrayed as an MBA with a very well pay. Instead he chose the startup and decided to quit. He’s got the ability of convincing with the client either by negotiations or beating :p He is depicted as harsh guy but dedicated one.

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And the last one is Mandal, the most brilliant guy in the squad. Played by Abhay Mahajan, Mandal is the reason who sprinkled some mockery in the show. With his persistence, dedicated and commitment, The guy is the reason that bonded the entire squad together.

Final Words

The whole web series is brilliant in every aspect either they are dialogues or the acting skills everything is impeccable. If you are aiming to kick start or transitioning to become an entrepreneur as well as you need immense kind of motivational or inspirational stuff then this is a must watch show.

Each episode is of nearly 40 minutes can be watched on TVFPlayand YouTube (It only has three episodes)

The interesting thing about this show that impressed me is that Naveen’s startup idea didn’t reveal in the entire Season one. And that’s the reason that stick the audience to wait for the next season. But unfortunately as of yet, there is no sight of new season. But still we are hoping Arunabh will think something about it.

Author: Minhaj Uddin

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