Dr DisRespect Returns – Who Is He?

The mustache video streamer, Herschel “Dr. DisRespect” Guy Beahm returns to the streaming platform today. He returned to YouTube today. He already has paperwork with Twitter management. The credible sources have told us that Dr. Disrespect is now trying to divert it’s work towards other platforms like Facebook specifically Facebook gaming. Also, He has planned to initiate streaming on his personal website.

Dr DisRespect was banned from Twitter, and his sudden arrival shocked the YouTube community. The reason behind the ban is still not known.

Disrespect was much awaiting for his return, as the Twitter neglected to comment on their ban policy even after banning one of the popular and influential video streamers on this planet.

Who Is He? Dr DisRespect Biography

Born in California, Dr. DisRespect is an American based video streamer or twitch streamer. He handles the channel where he streams video games like Battle Royale, Call of Duty, Unknown’s Background, etc. DisRespect has been doing this since 2010 and has got a pretty hefty audience that watches and admires him.  DisRespect went to California State University. He finished his graduation in 2005. Being a graduate, he started to find a job, and got on in Sledgehammer Games, where his interest in the gaming industry spiked up.

What is DisRespect Real Name?

Dr DisRespect real name is Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV.

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What Does Guy Beahm Look Like?

While we know what Dr DisRespect looks like, what does the man who plays this famous character look like in real life? Outside of the look of the character, Beahm is a well-built Caucasian male. He is 6 feet, 8 inches tall, and looks like someone who works out and takes care of his body.

Dr DisRespect Wife

Dr DisRespect wife is not known yet. But he has posted several pictures of him with his family on Instagram. We will find it out very soon.

Dr DisRespect Age

Dr DisRespect age is 38 years.

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