Adam Nagaitis Chernobyl and The Terror Actor

Adam Nagaitis Chernobyl Actor has been on a front page for his exceptional and top-notch acting skills in the Terror. Adam Nagaitis has recently entered the arena of The Chernobyl with his role of being a firefighter.

Adam Nagatis has previously depicted in the Terror series being a cunning Cornelius Hickey, who often seemed to plot conspiracies against the Captain. Adam has now become part of the family of the Chernobyl series.

Jessie Buckley, Adrian Rawlins, and Con O’Neill have also joined Stellan Skarsgard, Emily Watson, and Nagaitis’ “Terror” co-star Jared Harris, who had been previously announced.

Adam Nagaitis Bio

The British handsome actor Adam Nagaitis was born in Chorley on June 7, 1985. At the age of nearly 17, He lost his father who died due to the hit by a bus while he was shopping in Manchester city. He opted acting as a profession and studied the same at Stella Adler Conservatory. He left the United Kingdom to the United States for further studies at the age of 19. He got his degree completed in 2007 and then Adam enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art located in London. He graduated from RADA with a BA in Acting in 2012.

Adam Nagaitis Age

Adam Nagaitis age is 34 years. He will be 35 this year.

Adam Nagaitis Chernobyl

The series Chernobyl is based on real events happened in Pripyat when a nuclear reactor exploded and the radiations were killing the population in a dreadful way. The event occurred on April 26th, 1986. Adam Nagaitis Chernobyl is played as Vasily Ignatenko in the HBO Chernobyl series. Vasily Ignatenko who was a firefighter at the scene of an explosion in Chernobyl. He was seen in the series got exposed to the killing radiations after the explosion and in the end, Vasily was depicted dead with his skin completely peeled off. Adam Nagaitis played the role brilliantly in the entire series. Adam Nagaitis Chernobyl makeup was lit for sure.

Adam Nagaitis The Terror

Adam Nagaitis as Cornelius Hickey in the Terror series, who was depicted as the evil mastermind behind many unfortunate events in the Terror series. Cornelius Hickey also got caught for provoking mishaps on the ship and later on was punished with lashes by the Captain.

Adam Nagaitis Films/TV Series

Nagaitis has been actively involved in other major British TV series and films through his career.

  • The Commuter
  • To Walk Invisible
  • Banished
  • Happy Valley (BAFTA Award Winner)
  • 71
  • Suffragette

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